Connecticut is the ONLY state in the U.S. that sells personal voter data to anyone for any reason - we need YOUR help to put a Stop to It!!!!

Full Name, Address, Phone, Birth Date, Party & Voting History


Many Tried to influence Hartford Legislators - but the GAE Committee Would NOT Put Voter Privacy to a vote

Yale Privacy Lab Founder Statements:

Data breaches are a daily occurrence, affecting all Americans and certainly the residents of Connecticut. As the scope and frequency of these breaches grows, it is vital to take a strong stance against unnecessary disclosure of personal and political information........The State of Connecticut has an obligation to protect the privacy of its citizens in this digital battleground. Protecting voter information is a first step, and one that I and other privacy advocates hope will be expanded upon. The disclosure of voter information that may seem harmless can have dire and very real effects on the lives of Connecticut residents, especially when that data is correlated with rich digital profiles from data brokers across the Internet. Data is a toxic asset, a very useful and potent substance that gets more dangerous and erodes over time. Powerful actors on the public Internet and the Dark Web, such as nation-state actors and intelligence services, make the danger all the more real.

Continue to Call and E-Mail Your State Representative Regarding Your Data Privacy

Every Connecticut resident is harmed by the selling, distribution and publication of personal data. The Elderly of CT are susceptible to Fraud, Every CT resident is open to Identify theft, CT job seekers are being denied interviews outside of CT because their age is readily available on the Internet - We Need You to HELP US!!!! Tell Your Legislators to STOP SELLING OUR DATA!!!!!!

Link to Testimony

HB7392 - AN ACT CONCERNING VOTER PRIVACY was given an public hearing on 3/35/19. Click HERE for link to TESTIMONY

These are the 2019 GAE Committee Members who FAILED to give CT Voter Privacy a vote - Mae Flexer and Dan Fox had the Power to Bring Voter Privacy to the CT House and Senate to be Voted On - but did NOT:

Mae Flexer 860-240-8634 - Windham -
Daniel Fox 860-240-8585 - Stamford-
Derek Slap 860-240-8585 - W. Hartford
Will Haskell 860-240-0068 - Westport
Michael Winkler 860-240-8585 - Vernon
Rob Sampson 860-24-8843 - Southington
Quentin Phipps 860-240-8585
Cristin Vahey 860-240-8585 - Fairfield
James Maroney 860-240-0381 - Milford
David Labriola 860-240-8700 - Naugatuck
Stephen Harding 800-842-1423 - Danbury
Mike France 800-842-1423 - Ledyard
Gregory Haddad 860-240-8585 - Mansfield
Matt Blumenthal 860-240-8585 - Stamford


Here are the facts.  A public hearing was held on March 25, 2019 regarding H.B 7392 – An Act Concerning Voter Privacy.

Here is a link to the bill:  HB7392

Here is a link to the testimony provided:  TESTIMONY was established to raise awareness, so every Connecticut Registered Voter would understand that their data is being sold by the Secretary of State’s office, to anyone for any reason.  This commercial sale of your PI (Personal Data) results in the publication of your name, age, birth date, address, phone, political party and voting history.

This has meant that Connecticut residents, unlike residents in the neighboring state of Massachusetts, are subject to identity theft, fraud, discrimination, targeting, stalking and doxxing.  

CTVoterprivacy advocates for public non-digital access to voter registration information at the local level to protect the integrity of the election process.   CTVoterprivacy is against the commercial sale of the State’s complete voter records enabling the publication of PI (personal information) on the Internet.


According to the Office of the Secretary of State, Connecticut is currently allowed under The Freedom of Information Act of 1974 to make public voter registrations.  The Help America Vote Act of 2000 forced towns across Connecticut to abandon their local voting registration procedures to instead conform to state mandated voter registration requirements which centralized  the voter data in Hartford and made consistent the data elements being collected and stored for each voter in the State’s Hartford computing facility. 

In Connecticut – unlike other states –  a ballot referendum based on petition signatures is not an available option. 

Instead, The State of Connecticut maintains a GAE (Government Administration and Elections) Committee, comprised of elected state representatives.  Those representatives need to hear from you, their constituents, to make them understand that Connecticut voters do not want their personal data sold or made public.   

Connecticut residents made their voices heard directly to the GAE Committee and now a new bill has been introduced this session. HB 7392 An Act Concerning Voter Privacy.

America’s High Tech corporations are being held under Congressional scrutiny regarding the sale of personal data without direct consent; we need to hold our Connecticut lawmakers to the same standards.  

No American citizen should be threatened, bullied, harassed, or victimized because their personal data has become public record and published on the Internet without their knowledge or consent.  Connecticut residents are discriminated against when searching for employment because their age or political party is publicly available due to the current laws.  Connecticut residents are also susceptible to Identity Theft and Fraud because their personal data is published on the Internet as a result of current laws. is working to raise public awareness  regarding the sale of registered voter’s name, address, phone number, age, political affiliation and voting history.  We need your support to make change in Hartford.

PLEASE SEND AN E-MAIL TO:  Your Local State Representative and Sate Senator

Subject Line:  Data Privacy 

Body of E-Mail:  Let Your legislator know that the state of Connecticut should STOP selling voter data, STOP allowing it be published on the Internet and START Putting Connecticut Residents and THEIR SAFETY and SECURITY and PRIVACY FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

Important Facts & Links

Trading Privacy for the right vote

As an American citizen and a Connecticut resident you are encouraged to register and vote…..what most of us don’t realize is that Connecticut is far behind other states in the country when it comes to protecting our voter registration data and our privacy.   

Whether you register at your local registrar’s office, the DMV or online, your voter registration data is being entered and stored in a Connecticut State maintained database.  Without notifying you or receiving your explicit consent – the personal data you provide when you register is currently being sold  by the State of Connecticut. 

There are no restrictions as to who can purchase your data or how your data can be accessed or used.   Today,  because the State of Connecticut allows the sale of voter registration data for commercial use, entities purchase the data and powerful Internet search engines enable the publication of your personal information in seconds to anyone with access to a computer, smart phone, or mobile web device.

Leaving the door open for Connecticut residents to suffer FRAUD, IDENTITY THEFT, HARASSMENT, DISCRIMINATION and DOXXING (exposing identifying information about a particular individual on the Internet for malicious purpose).

facts and links regarding connecticut

A data broker is defined as any entity which monetizes personal information without an individual’s explicit knowledge or consent exposing private data and making individuals vulnerable to identity theft, stalking and discrimination.
Here is the link which enables the unrestricted sale and use of CT Voter Registration Data.   The State of Connecticut currently sells this information to anyone for any purpose for the cost of $300.
Here is the link for the public web site which publishes Connecticut voter registration details.
This violation of privacy is the unintended consequence  of the “Freedom of Information Act” in the age of the Internet.   Together, as residents and voters,  we can push Hartford to pass HB 5507 and stop the sale and digital publication of our personal data.
Here is the link to Connecticut’s State Reps.

other states have Passed laws supporting Data Privacy and restricting access to voter registration datA

Vermont, Illinois and California all have passed laws promoting data privacy.

20 States have passed laws similar to what is contained in Connecticut’s proposed HB 5507 – Only allowing politicians, political or election entities access to voter registration data, those states are:  Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Indiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Massachusetts.

HB 5507 language needs to include an option for Connecticut Voters to “Opt Out” of selling their data to political entities for political purposes.  And HB 5507 has been written to allow the sale of voter registration data to political candidates and entities and restricts the use for election purposes only.

This LINK brings you to HB 5507.


This LINK brings you to HB 7392.


The Voter Election Project lists each state and its voter registration data access, use the link below to understand that Connecticut allows voter registration data to be used for “any purpose” while virtually every other state in the U.S. limits access to either political candidates or political institutions.   Here are some useful links from our friends at the Voter Election Project and EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation):

This LINK provides state data.


This LINK summarizes voter info access across the U.S.

This LINK   

connects you to California’s privacy act of 2018 

This LINK connects you to EFF’s consumer privacy info

This LINK connects you to Vermont’s privacy act of 2018 



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